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A Modern Take on a Country Garden House

Situated to be in harmony with its lush landscape, this home built for a master gardener takes every opportunity to draw in views of the surrounding gardens and rolling hills, while also creating a warm and comfortable space suitable for a multi-generational family. “The form of the reclaimed barnwood-clad house is reminiscent of a farm […]

Laminated Glass Keeps Tigers Out Of Your Bedroom (and Other Surprising Benefits of Using Laminated Glass in Architecture)

Given the number of conversations we have on the subject, perhaps laminated glass isn’t always appreciated for its full range of benefits. We are seeing glass used more and more as a significant component of the architectural design of exterior envelopes. The trend doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. Expectations that glass should […]

Serene Home Design on Long Island Sound

Nature loves a soft curve and a gentle line that dips and soars. In fact, the natural world is full of these sublime details: budding flowers, a bird’s wing, an ocean wave cresting. And that idea seems to be infused into the lines of this coastal Long Island Sound two-story home in Greenwich, Connecticut. Achieving the […]

Guest House Amplifies Beauty

This daring two-bedroom guest house by Allied Works Architecture explores, responds to and amplifies the beauty of its context. Located in a mature deciduous forest of oak, hickory and birch, the architects imagined it as a place to escape the pressures of the city and experience the dramatic change of nature’s four seasons. The fine detailing and […]

Kinetic Façades: Tactile Machines for Living

Seattle-based architectural firm Olson Kundig has recently crafted a number of unique off-grid, low-tech smart homes with transforming facades. Although seemingly unsophisticated, their façades utilize intricate systems of hinges, pulleys and bearings, devised by Phil Turner, the firm’s in-house “gizmologist.” These hand-operated elements bring tactile experience back to architecture, challenging people to rethink their relationship […]