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    mahogany window with bronze butt hinge and stay hardware


The selection of handles and trim plates and other hardware for custom fenestration is a big decision. These decorative and functional design accents add a key element to the look and feel of your windows and doors. As a custom fabricator, we are able to accommodate a very broad range of hardware requests, so our customers can take advantage of the many sources of high-quality hardware.

Understanding that clients often prefer to source their own handles, we offer a relatively limited range of options. If you are choosing third-party handles, we can help guide you and, before you place an order, we can confirm details such as the fit of the trim plate to the door stile and the backset of the locking gear. In addition, we will explore with you any custom machining that may be required.

In our experience, most lever handles can fit onto our doors. Hinged and pivot doors require an 8mm spindle to attach to the multi-point lock system. Lift and slide doors require a 10mm spindle. Wood and wood clad windows require a 7mm spindle.

When it comes to Arte Metal windows, the selection is more limited due to the very narrow profiles. The handles we use for these have been custom made with a reduced throw length, so they work within the tight dimensions available. Depending on the window design, our Arte Metal windows can have manual lever handles or multi-point.

Some of the hardware partners we work with include:

  • Rocky Mountain
  • Hoppe
  • Bronzecraft
  • Sun Valley Bronze
  • Nanz
  • Harwick
  • E. Guerin
  • Phelps

Finishes vary depending on the manufacturer. Our standard handles are solid brass, to which we can apply a range of plated finishes such as:

  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Antique brass
  • Delaquered brass
  • Brushed chrome
  • Polished chrome
  • Pewter
  • Black patina
  • Brushed nickel

For third-party handles, it’s best to work with the local dealer since they are specialists and can help with exploring your options most effectively. We can help verify the selection for fit and function to the doors being designed.

Lead times for some specialty hardware can be extended, in which case the selection can be purchased directly from the supplier and attached to the windows and doors after heavy construction is complete. This allows control over the schedule and prevents the hardware from being damaged while on a busy construction site.

Hardware can get complicated, but we are here to help.

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