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    Arte Metal Series - Bronze Steel Aluminum
Arte Metal window wall

Arte Metal Casement window sectional detail


Arte Metal sectional detail


Arte Metal awning window sectional detail


Arte Metal door sectional detail


Arte Metal door sill sectional detail

Photo courtesy of The Brooklyn Studio, photography by Kevin Kunstadt

The strength and elegance of thermally broken bronze, steel and aluminum

Building on the success of Steel-Arte metal windows and doors, we added two more innovations: Bronze-Arte and Alumin-Arte. For us, innovation means that all three Arte Metal designs deliver a minimalist aesthetic, narrow profiles and smooth welded corners while also offering flexibility in hardware, sizes and glazing options. Aluminum and Bronze window profiles offer optimal resistance to corrosion and create a range of price points.

Dynamic Arte - Bronze
bronze window profile
Dynamic Arte - Steel
steel window profile
Dynamic Arte - Aluminum
Alumin-Arte Window rendering

Can you spot the difference? Discover the narrow profile of bronze, steel and aluminum in our Arte metal windows and doors.

Product Features

Dynamic offers design flexibility in custom windows and doors:

  • Narrow sightlines and welded construction
  • Modern and traditional profiles
  • Thermally broken sash and frames
  • Single, dual and triple glazing options
  • True Divided Lite and Simulated Divided Lite options
  • Oversized glass
  • Hurricane Impact Rated products
  • Lead glass overlay (LGO)
  • Unlimited color selection in powder coat and wet spray finishes
  • Multiple NFRC certified glazing combinations
  • Hand-applied Artisan Patina™ finishes

Arte Metal Video

Three different metals — one narrow profile

Clients value steel windows and doors for the minimalist aesthetic, a blend of elegance, strength and durability. However, it must be clarified that the term “steel windows” has come to mean a look rather than a statement of material preference. This becomes important when designing a project for which the look of steel is desired but is perhaps not the best material.

In the most demanding environments and microclimates, steel is susceptible to corrosion and rust. The three most corrosive environments to exterior architectural metals are:

1) salt water or de-icing salt;
2) hot and humid weather with low rainfall; and
3) high pollution levels.

Dynamic’s Bronze-Arte and Alumin-Arte profiles were specifically developed to provide architects with the look of steel that their clients desire but with more appropriate substrates for projects in these harsh conditions and climates.

In order of durability, architectural metals rank in this order:

  • Bronze – most durable with the highest luxury and prestige value
  • 316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade) – very durable
  • Aluminum – very durable, especially when cut edges are welded or finished rather than left raw
  • 304 Stainless Steel and Mild Steel, galvanized or otherwise

Noteworthy is the fact that, among the highest quality and most durable metals, stainless steel enjoys a larger market share than bronze, despite lower performance values. The reason is that historically bronze has been significantly higher in price. However, now that Dynamic has bypassed the multi-layered global supply chain through investment in profiles and thermal break design, we have revolutionized the conventional price structure. Today, our Bronze-Arte is offered at a price point competitive with steel.

As you consider options in metal fenestration, we’re here to guide you. Whatever the choices, we can help you make them.

“We put an enormous amount of faith in Dynamic for one of our most special and technically ambitious projects to date, and they nailed it. Their Bronze-Arte product had the beauty, performance, and refinement we required, but it was their ability to say yes to every challenge we threw at them that made them a true design partner. Working closely with their engineering staff early in the design process allowed us to create truly bespoke fenestration including a custom finish, giant doors and curved lites all with the confidence that they could execute within very tight aesthetic and installation tolerances.

– Jason Erik Smith, AIA, Principal, Smitharc Architects

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