• Pivot Door

    Wood pivot door closeup
Massive glass door with pivot hardware

Pivot door

Modern pivot doors allow for a larger operable sash than traditional hinged doors can manage. And let’s face it—they’re just cool. The pivot hardware carries the weight of the door at the sill instead of at the jamb as with a hinged door. Within engineered ratios, the pivot point is flexible, to accommodate the cantilevered portion of the door sash. As well, hardware is available in self-closing and hold-open options. These features allow even the most monumental door to pivot effortlessly at the touch of a hand. Pivots create epic architectural openings and provide high visual drama. Looking for some of that? We can help.

Metal, Wood & Glass

Different materials along with design flexibility means each door can reflect your architectural language and design intent on a nuanced level.

Glass Pivot Doors – frames and sash can be wood, wood clad or thermally broken bronze, steel or aluminum, factory glazed.

Wooden Pivot Doors can be fabricated from a variety of wood species or split species, stain grade or painted to architectural specifications.

Metal Pivot Doors in bronze, steel or aluminum can be glazed, solid panel or a combination.

  • In-swing and out-swing
  • Oversized operable sash
  • Oversized glass
  • Glazed, solid core slab, V-groove, flat and raised panels, custom profiled panels
  • Hardware is available in self-closing and hold-open options
  • Flush threshold designs
  • Motorized options
  • Custom profiles and sash detailing
  • Flexible stile and rail dimensions and jamb depths
  • One-piece jambs or jamb extended
  • Custom finishes and hardware
  • Multi-point stainless steel locking hardware
  • Connect for more pivot door detail

We craft modern pivot doors
in wood, wood clad, bronze, steel and aluminum.

steel windows and doors

The strength and elegance of thermally broken bronze, steel and aluminum.

custom architectural wood fenestration

The natural, organic appeal of premium wood species.

Architectural fenestration with clad wood

The flexibility and functionality of wood clad designs.

Reynaers aluminium fenestration

The distinction and efficiency of Reynaers Aluminum.

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