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    Architectural Wood  Windows and Doors

The natural, organic appeal of premium wood species

Our wood fenestration offers a natural, organic aesthetic re-imagined through advanced engineering and precision millwork. Whether for modern or traditional custom wood windows, our design flexibility allows for split species frames and sash, split finishing and engineered Accoya door cores. Every wood window and door utilizes premium materials and finishes, which provide performance, longevity, function and low maintenance.

Product Features

Dynamic offers the following features in custom wood windows and doors:

  • Modern, traditional and transitional designs
  • Split wood species frames and sash
  • Stain grade and painted factory finishing & split finish
  • True divided lites (TDL) and Simulated divided lites (SDL)
  • Engineered Accoya door cores
  • Fineline Common Mullion™ wood storefront
  • Oversized glass
  • Hurricane Impact Rated products
  • Lead glass overlay (LGO)
  • Multiple NFRC certified glazing combinations

Custom Wood Windows and Doors video still

The classic choice of custom wood windows is supported by both versatility and sustainability

Wood was the original material used for making windows and doors, as is evidenced by the classic European castles, estates and country manors. Today, due to its versatility and sustainability, wood is enjoying a resurgence as an essential building material for handcrafted fenestration. At Dynamic, wood accommodates a wide spectrum of design possibilities, from traditional weight and chain windows with intricate profiles and trims through to crisp geometric modern wood storefronts and massive sliding doors.

As you consider a variety of wood species, we will discuss key questions of longevity, aesthetics and value, and guide you through choosing the most appropriate option. Whether an exotic hardwood or durable softwood, whether a stain grade or painted finish, we will explore with you the pros and cons of each option so that you are confident of your decision.

For traditional designs, we often see clients choosing majestic species like Mahogany and Sapele, whereas the lighter undertones of Alaskan Yellow Cedar and White Oak are often the species of choice to grace many modern designs.

We work with a wide variety of wood species that are sustainably sourced, FSC certified and plantation sourced. It’s worth keeping in mind that the wood species selection is typically the primary cost driver in a custom window specification and product pricing can range by 50% or more based on the species. So it’s worth the effort to learn as much as you can.

As you consider options in custom wood fenestration, we’re here to guide you. Whatever the choices, we can help you make them.

“I have worked with Dynamic for more than 15 years on everything from expansive windows that face the ocean to windows that require historic replication, in both wood and steel. I am constantly impressed by their ability to provide exactly what our projects need. When presented with a design problem, they are not only willing to explore our whims, they are genuinely excited to help us work through solutions.”

– Jesse Fearins, AIA, LEED AP, Partner, CWB Architects

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