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Serene Home Design on Long Island Sound

Nature loves a soft curve and a gentle line that dips and soars. In fact, the natural world is full of these sublime details: budding flowers, a bird’s wing, an ocean wave cresting. And that idea seems to be infused into the lines of this coastal Long Island Sound two-story home in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Achieving the home’s serene mood—amid amenities such as a theater, wine room, and hammam, or Turkish bath—required a collaborative approach. The home’s diligent design team included McKee Patterson, partner-in-charge of Austin Patterson Disston Architects in Southport, Connecticut and Quogue, New York; interior designer Maria Barry, cofounder of Le Dimora Home Furniture & Decor in San Diego; and Scott Hobbs, president of Hobbs, Inc, in New Canaan, Connecticut.

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Patterson praises the tight collaborative effort by homeowners and professionals alike that focused on the family’s needs and desires and the best principles for marrying the home with its setting. Barry agrees.

“It was more than work,” she says. “It was like working with great friends and people I respect.”

As Barry developed a design for the home’s interior, she weighed every conceivable detail, focusing on a soft, clean color scheme and techniques that play up the structure’s stone architecture and steel windows and doors to reveal the dramatic ocean scenery outside. The mood, she says, is very much a reflection of the owners.

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