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7 Keys for Luxury Residential Contractors Sourcing Handcrafted Fenestration in 2023

There are 7 keys for general contractors to remember when sourcing handcrafted fenestration for a luxury residential construction project in 2023. Read on to discover them.


After we survived the chaos of a global pandemic with all of its frustrating supply chain issues, we were all hoping for better days to come. Are they finally on their way in 2023?

Maybe not. But hopefully we learned a few things during COVID. As a general contractor, you certainly know how the challenges of those years wreaked havoc on major construction projects, especially in terms of scheduling and spending—everything took longer and cost more.

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However, if you expect a quick return to normal in 2023, think again. In 2022, as COVID still lingered, a war broke out in Europe, that aggravated an energy crisis, that triggered an economic recession, which now seems to be inevitable on the European continent. And since we know more than ever about our global interdependence, we expect that what’s going on in Europe will affect us in North America.

So, stability and predictability will remain elusive for the time being, and therefore, when it comes to launching your next luxury residential construction project, we want to help you think clearly and plan carefully, especially when it comes to sourcing quality handcrafted fenestration.


Every day at Dynamic Fenestration, we are talking to architects, homeowners, and general contractors about the challenges of maintaining schedules and about figuring out how to plan effectively through our fenestration process so that projects are completed on time. We understand the obstacles in today’s luxury residential construction market, and we are committed to helping you find your way through to delivering another completed home to another happy client.

The following seven points will help you quickly identify relevant issues and enable you to plan your project more effectively:

  1. Sourcing.

    Know where your fenestration is sourced, whether in North America or offshore. Obviously, the closer the sourcing the better, in terms of avoiding obstacles and unnecessary delays. Often times, the point of sale may be local, through a dealer, but the point of origin may be offshore. For example, many thermally broken metal windows are made in Europe and re-sold in North America. The re-sale agent has no control over lead times from the European supplier. Additionally, even if the windows are fabricated in North America, the profiles themselves are often European in origin. Does the fabricator carry sufficient inventory to insulate clients against supply chain delays?

  2. Glass.

    Similar to the sourcing of fenestration in general, understand that most architectural glass comes from offshore sources. Often, a little research about your particular products could reveal whether an equivalent specification and quality of glass could be sourced in North America, and thus could significantly reduce your risk and liabilities of on-time delivery.

  3. Currency.

    Fluctuations in currencies can cause surprises on the final pricing of your products, and global currencies are especially volatile during turbulent geo-politics. Is there a mechanism in your purchasing that will help protect your client from currency fluctuations?

  4. Logistics.

    Global transportation and delivery systems have been hit incredibly hard in the past few years, and it’s probably not going to settle for a while. There are ways, however, to protect yourself in the midst of this logistics mess. Have you safeguarded yourself against shipping delays and energy shortages?

  5. Regional Stability.

    Although North America may not experience a serious recession, Europe most likely will, and China will certainly continue to face economic and social challenges in relation to global health issues. All of these factors can directly impact your delivery. Have you insulated your client as best you can?

  6. Replacements.

    When products or parts need to be replaced, you will face the same issues that come with the normal delivery of orders. Given current supply chain issues, energy shortages, and shipping delays, how will you deal with the need for replacement parts and products on your existing orders? Remember that a simple piece of glass or hardware can take months to be delivered.

  7. Support.

    No matter how good the products are and how quickly they get delivered, you will always need some timely support from your window manufacturer. Whether you work with a factory-direct fabricator or through a dealer, you will need to have access to the manufacturer’s expertise and materials so you can close your punch list and complete your project.

Each of these points poses a unique challenge to general contractors as they embark on the complex task of sourcing architectural fenestration for luxury residential construction. We understand how important it is to choose your partners carefully, so that you get the advice and support you need. At Dynamic, we believe in a collaborative approach to fenestration. Let us know how we can help you on your next project.

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