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Wood Structures & Wood Windows – the Resurgence Continues

Click here to download the PDF version of this article. There’s clearly a resurgence in wood buildings happening right now. With CLT beam construction being one of Architectural Digest’s Top 5 Architectural Trends for 2018, what was old is new again. Advances in wood technologies are making once-impossible designs into extraordinary possibilities. High rise structures […]

Steel Window Restoration Helps Redefine New England Farmhouse

The following article features two project collaborations by Architect Tom Kundig and Designer Rodman Primack, one in Hawaii and the other on Long Island. Dynamic was pleased to have the opportunity to supply the thermally-broken steel windows and doors for the beautiful Long Island project. It’s always rewarding when you get to work with both […]

Benefits of Thermally Broken Metal Windows

The “Metal Movement” and “Thermally Broken.”. Why you want your metal windows to be BROKEN. Thermally broken metal windows provide several benefits over non-thermally broken systems. We are often asked about specific performance benefits. The basic performance premise is: Improved overall thermal performance over traditional non-thermally broken systems. Improved NFRC U-Values over non-thermally broken systems. […]

Planning a Successful Delivery — Oversized Custom Windows

“The windows are coming! I need a helicopter!” Right now, we’re in the process of delivering a good-sized order of oversized, custom-built Bronze-clad Black Walnut windows and doors to a luxury home on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The secluded waterfront lots in Tahoe are difficult to get into, with regulations protecting the shoreline, a notoriously […]

When is a Defect Not a Defect? ASTM Glass Standards and the Luxury Building Industry

“It’s much more difficult to explain expectations around industry standards once the Owner has already seen the glass… and decided it is not acceptable to their personal expectations.”  As we’ve mentioned before in our recent Oversized Architectural Glass blog post, glass isn’t perfect. It’s a fact worth repeating because few things cause more heartburn, especially […]