• Kinetic Systems

    Gear system for kinetic operated tilting window wall by K|B Architectural Services
Massive guillotine window with counterweight system

Moving Architecture: Guillotine window systems and more

Moving architecture demonstrates some of the most aspirational and adventurous vision in the architectural industry, incorporating design elements that inspire as they surprise.

We work with some amazing (and borderline crazy) architects who are exploring the leading edge of moving architecture. Together with ingenious engineers and builders, these visionaries are able to see beyond the conventions of structural design and to imaginatively embrace what a house can do.

Dynamic is thrilled to partner with these innovators as they realize their wildest ambitions for kinetic architecture. Together, we are reaching beyond the simple movement of doors and windows that open and close to the theatrical transformation of architectural spaces.

Some of our partners have realized astonishing achievements in kinetic architecture like massive guillotine window walls that lower into the floor and expansive glass doors that slide out of sight.

Tactile Experience in Architecture

In these endeavors, our partners value our ingenuity and our ability to entertain their most daring concepts. Whether enhancing aesthetics or engaging the surrounding environment, we are able to push the boundaries of design and explore the endless possibilities of incorporating motion into a structure.

In some cases, the kinetic systems that we help create have hand-operated elements that bring a tactile experience back to architecture and allow the occupants an opportunity to rethink their relationship with the environment around them. Whether the fenestration lowers or lifts, slides or collapses, pivots or tilts, the movement can be facilitated with a handwheel or crank, intricately engineered with counterbalances, belts, chains, or pulley systems. Or, if a homeowner prefers, remote-controlled motorized systems can be utilized and incorporated discreetly.

Massive scale tilting wall with counterweight from exterior

Whenever we collaborate on kinetic systems, it requires us to think outside of the box and to reach for new expressions of creativity and functionality. Regardless of what is envisioned, we are up for the challenge.

As usual, our aim is always to bring our knowledge and experience of architectural fenestration to the benefit of our partners and clients, in order to help make the next project extraordinary.

Together, let’s create kinetic systems that amaze and inspire.

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