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What is Dynamic Fenestration?

By definition, we are…

dy·nam·ic /dīˈnamik/
def. characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.
fen·es·tra·tion /ˌfenəˈstrāSHən/
def. the design and arrangement of windows and doors on the elevations of a building.

Founded in 1991, it’s fair to say that this company is not what it used to be. In a good way.

Over the past thirty years, while we’ve worked alongside leading architects on increasingly diverse and complex projects, we’ve evolved into an effective collaborative partner, operating as an integral member of their design team. After three decades of learning, we find ourselves in a unique position, bringing a new and different level of value to our architectural niche.

The North American architectural community leads the world in innovation and creativity in the design of luxury homes. These architects are pushing engineering parameters at the same time as they are meeting more stringent performance criteria and achieving inspirational aesthetics. This is a constant challenge that demands an evolving mindset: never stop learning.

When you ask leading architects of luxury homes what exterior features contribute most to exceptional design, they most often say windows and doors. If homes were faces, the windows and doors would be the eyes, because they give a particular expression and character the way only eyes can. In this niche, architecture is about creating individually tailored client experiences. The architecture becomes an expression of the client’s desires. To accomplish that, the basic forms and features of the design must be elevated by layers of detail and nuance. When that is achieved, you have stepped beyond the confines of windows and doors and into the boundless realm of architectural fenestration.

As a company, we are unique in our ability to help clients navigate the complex process of architectural fenestration. We guide you as you explore options for materials and aesthetics, as you consider engineering and feasibility, and as you manage code compliance and glazing performance. Our claim as navigators is based on our accumulated knowledge and experience working across North America in every conceivable climate from desert to hurricane zones to mountaintops. We literally bring hundreds of years of collective experience to every project we take on.

Dynamic Windows & Doors Abbotsford location in the late 90's
Dynamic Architectural Windows and Doors exterior factory at night 2002

In addition, we fabricate every product we provide, and we manufacture from a broader range of materials than anyone else in this craft. We deliver our value because we are intimately aligned with our client’s agenda. Our standing as a factory-direct and family-owned business allows us the independence to pursue this passion without interference from a corporate head office or a board of directors that looks for quarterly profit reports. Our business is based on long-term relationships rather than on making a sale. These realities are truer today than ever before.

In our role as navigators, we consider each project’s fenestration intent, avoiding pitfalls and maximizing opportunities, so that the greatest value can be uncovered during the design process. Whether it’s in wood, wood clad, bronze, steel, or aluminum, we bring forward all the options while overcoming the obstacles, ensuring that the owner’s investment is maximized throughout the process.

Discussing a window project - mid 90s

Our promise: to share our collective knowledge and experience of architectural fenestration to the benefit of our clients.
July 2021

For us, meticulously handcrafted products remain the foundation of our business. Now, we’ve evolved beyond that boundary to better serve our clients: we promise to share our collective knowledge and experience of architectural fenestration to the benefit of our clients. To play our part in elevating architectural forms into client experience, our best contributions come during design assist as we offer your team thirty years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in fenestration. Our goal is to collaborate with you to make your unique project extraordinary.

Think: what if…?

We’d like to join you on your architectural journey. Together, let’s design beyond boundaries.

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