• Paints and Patinas

    Bronze Window patina samples

Protection and longevity

When we insist on factory finishing our products, we are safeguarding your investment in handcrafted fenestration. It’s all about protection and longevity.

A factory finish provides the opportunity to fully seal and protect all those surfaces and cavities a site painter cannot reach, like glazing cavities, hardware machining, and behind the hinges, as with many doors and casement windows.

Whether you require a paint, stain or patina finish, we are able to create almost any color match or custom request. We have a vast array of standard finishes, but we are also able to match or contrast to your architectural elements of choice. As you design beyond boundaries, you’re not in a color box with us.


Paint. We use a 3-part water-borne European finish comprising an impregnator, a sealer and a top coat. You can choose from a standard paint or a color match to your favorite paint brand and color. Split finishing is also available, whether with different colors in and out, or with a paint-stain split. Kynar Aquatec paint finishing is available as well which consists of two coats of Aquatec and doesn’t require a primer coat.

Kynar Aquatec Fact Sheet

Accoya wood stain finishes

Stain. We use a European three-part water-borne stain system. Much like our paint, we have standard finishes, but we usually create a custom finish to match interior millwork, flooring or cabinetry. Split finishing is also available with stains, whether with different colors in and out, or with a paint-stain split.

Dynamic Stain Finishes

As you integrate fenestration into your design intent, we want you to be fully aware of your options in paints, stains, and patinas. Whatever the choices, we’re here to guide you.

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