View of workers in metal window shop

Modern Slavery Statement

At Dynamic Fenestration we are steadfast in our commitment to act ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships. We advocate for compliance with applicable laws and champion the protection of the dignity and rights of everyone connected to our business. Central to our mission is a relentless pursuit to cultivate inclusive workplaces and source products with responsibility. We recognize the importance of collaborating closely with our suppliers to ensure their workforce, and by extension, the workforce within their supply chains, are treated with respect and dignity.

Dynamic operates with a zero-tolerance policy towards child or forced labor, expecting the same commitment from all our suppliers and partners. Fortunate to be based in Canada, a country where local, provincial, and federal laws strongly oppose and penalize the use of child or forced labor and indentured servitude, we align our practices not just in compliance with these laws but as a reflection of our core beliefs against such inhumane practices. This ethical stance is embraced and shared across all levels of our organization, from senior management to our frontline employees.

Recognizing the global challenge of eradicating modern slavery, we are under no illusion about its prevalence outside Canadian borders. While we cannot assure with absolute certainty that all imported products are free from forced or child labor, our business engagements are predominantly with reputable vendors from countries known for strict labor laws, such as the United States, England, Germany, and Switzerland. Our selection of partners reflects our dedication to ethical business practices.

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