• Wood Clad

    Wood Clad Windows and Doors with narrow mullion profiles looking out to yard

The flexibility and functionality of wood clad designs

Our Clad Series meets the rigorous demands for design flexibility by combining an aesthetically refined and durable exterior with the warmth and beauty of a natural wood interior. Available in both aluminum and bronze cladding, the heavy gauge extrusions create a sense of presence and permanence. Multiple finishes, colors and coatings are available for aluminum cladding, and for bronze we offer hand-applied patinas as well as our range of Artisan Patinas™, allowing the architect to integrate the fenestration into the palette of the project, whether traditional or modern.

Product Features

Dynamic offers the following features in bronze and aluminum clad windows and doors:

  • Multiple wood species
  • Bronze and Aluminum cladding profiles
  • Heavy gauge extrusions
  • Modern, traditional and transitional designs
  • Stain grade and painted factory finishing and split finish
  • True divided lites (TDL) and Simulated divided lites (SDL)
  • Engineered Accoya door cores
  • Fineline Common Mullion™ clad storefront designs
  • Oversized glass
  • Hurricane Impact Rated products
  • Lead glass overlay (LGO)
  • Multiple NFRC certified glazing combinations
  • Proprietary plating technology for Artisan Patina™ finishes

Wood Clad Series projects

Bronze and aluminum clad extrusions offer aesthetics, durability and low maintenance

A clad exterior provides a different design aesthetic, especially bronze clad. Most often, our clients are looking for durability and low maintenance primarily, especially in harsher climates and exposures.

Both bronze and aluminum clad profiles are heavy gauge extrusions, which are quite different from pressed sheet metal cladding known as “roll form.” We provide a two-part system with the clad cap mounting to a continuous metal bracket. This allows for an airspace between the wood and the cladding so that any moisture simply air-dries.  The wood surface below is fully sealed before the cladding is attached, maximizing the longevity of the window or door as befits a legacy home.

Bronze cladding can be finished with a patina from light through to dark. Patina finishes are valued for their organic and natural characteristics and integrate well with stone and timber, speaking a similar architectural language. Alternatively, bronze can also be painted if that provides the best solution.

Aluminum clad extrusions can be finished in any color specified by the architect or selected from our standard color range. Either way, you have the flexibility to integrate the finish as part of your palette.

As you consider wood clad fenestration, we’re here to guide you. Whatever the choices, we can help you make them.

For more than twenty years, we have collaborated with Dynamic to deliver a custom product to design professionals. Our shared values include transparency, integrity and excellence. Dynamic is a skilled partner that pushes limits on design and performance. Ultimately, they provide an unparalleled experience.

– Jay Blumenfeld, General Manager, Redhorse Constructors, San Raphael, CA 

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